Welcome to iSING Lab

iSING Lab is an intelligent System and networkING research group at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

We do research in:

  1. data center networking,
  2. machine learning systems, and
  3. privacy-preserving AI.

We have openings for PhD and PostDoc for data center networking, machine learning systems and privacy-preserving AI (HE, MPC, etc.). Please contact Prof. Kai Chen for details.

We host the iSING public seminar.


Dec 2020

Runespoor accepted to INFOCOM '21

Sept 2020

ClexB accepted to RecSys '20

May 2020

Aeolus accepted to SIGCOMM '20

Dec 2019

BCC and LSS accepted to INFOCOM '20

Sept 2019

ECN+ accepted to CoNEXT '19

Aug 2019

Measurement of FATE won Best Student Paper Award @ FL-IJCAI '19

July 2019

Gemini accepted to ICNP '19

June 2019

MLT accepted to APNet'19

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