Information-Agnostic Flow Scheduling for Commodity Data Centers

1. What is PIAS

PIAS, Practical Information-Agnostic flow Scheduling, targets at minimizing flow completion times (FCT) for commodity data centers. As its heart, PIAS leverages multiple priority queues available in existing switches to perform Multiple Level Feedback Queue. A PIAS flow is gradually demoted from higher-priority queues to lower-priority queues based on the bytes it has sent. Therefore, short flows are likely to finish in the first few high-priority queues and prioritized over large flows in general. Given the traffic volatility in data centers, we also employ Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) to keep PIAS's good performance in such a highly dynamic environment.

Figure 1. PIAS overview

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4. Performance

Figure 2. Web search workload: FCT across different flow sizes.
Figure 3. Data mining workload: FCT across different flow sizes.

5. PIAS code

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