Enabling ECN in Multi-Service Multi-Queue Data Centers

1. MQ-ECN briefing

Recent proposals have leveraged Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) to achieve high throughput low latency data center network (DCN) transport. However, most of them implicitly assume each switch port has one queue, making the ECN schemes they designed inapplicable to production DCNs where multiple service queues per port are employed to isolate different traffic classes through weighted fair sharing.

To address the challenge, we design MQ-ECN, a simple yet effective solution to enable ECN for multi-service multi-queue production DCNs. MQ-ECN takes the per-queue ECN approach to preserve weighted fair sharing. Then, at its heart, MQ-ECN adjusts the ECN marking threshold for each queue based on its dynamic weighted fair share rate, rather than sticking to its static fair share weight, which enables MQ-ECN to well adapt to traffic variations while maintaining both high throughput and low latency in a highly dynamic DCN environment.

2. Talk at NSDI 2016

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